• Membership
The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation is comprised of threedifferent membership opportunities:

Member City
A municipal/county Parks and/or Recreation Department, a community association or Municipal Utility District (MUD) Parks and/or Recreation engaged in promoting amateur athletics.

Affiliate Members
Any private facility, community agency, or organization (excluding Parks and Recreation Departments) located in a city wishing to participate in TAAF team and/or individual sport programs, meets or tournaments. Anyaffiliatewithin the city limits of a member city must have their membership application approved by the member city. In the event an applicants city does not have a recreation department, or is not a member, or does not live in a city proper, the approval process willbe forwarded to the Regional level.

Allied Members
Any organization which is a National or State governing body of a particular sport or whose purpose is to advance the profession of parks, recreation and leisure services.

For more information on becoming a TAAFmember, please contactthe TAAF State Office.