• Coach Certifications
NAYS Youth Coaches' Certification Program

The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation offers a Youth Coaches' Certification Program to all youth leagues and associations.

You have a few choices when it comes to coach certification:

  • Background checks OR no background checks
  • Coaches complete the clinic online OR you host a live clinic when and wherever you desire
  • You pay for the coaches’ fees OR coaches pay for themselves (*coach-pay option is only available for coaches completing the clinic online without background checks*) 

If you would like to run background checks, then after filling out the NAYS Chapter Interest Form your next step will be to submit your coaches to the T.A.A.F. state office to get the background checks run. Once T.A.A.F. conducts the background checks, T.A.A.F. will send a list of coaches who passed to NAYS. This will take approximately 72 hours.  NAYS will either register those coaches for the online clinic or help you get set up to host a live clinic, whichever you prefer. – The fee for certification with background checks is $25.00 per coach, invoiced by the T.A.A.F. state office.

If you are NOT interested in background checks, you will not need to submit your coaches to the T.A.A.F. state office. After filling out the NAYS Chapter Interest Form your next step will depend on whether you choose to pay the fees or coaches will pay for themselves. If you are paying the coaches’ fees, NAYS will help you get set up to either host a live clinic or to pre-register coaches for the online clinic. You will be invoiced by the T.A.A.F. state office. If you choose to have the coaches pay for themselves, each coach will register at www.nays.org/nyscaonline and pay with their own credit card. – The fee for certification without background checks is $18.00 per coach.

The coaches will receive a high-quality membership card and key tag in the mail 7-10 days after completing the course. If they need proof sooner, they are able to print a temporary membership card from their member area on our website.

Keep in mind your first step regardless is to complete the Chapter Interest Form accessible through www.nays.org/taaf and once you fill it out NAYS will discuss these options and steps with you.

TAAF Certified Coaches' Ten Commandments

  • Thou Shall Lead by Example
  • Thou Shall Insist on Manners
  • Thou Shall Emphasize Team Effort
  • Thou Shall Not Win at all Cost
  • Thou Shall Have a Sense of Humor
  • Thou Shall Succeed
  • Thou Shall Stay Positive
  • Thou Shall Promote Safety and Well Being
  • Thou Shall Promote Lifetime Fitness/Wellness
  • Thou Shall "Turn the Other Cheek"
Bonus Commandment
  • Thou Shall Not Expect More or Treat My Own Child Differently Than Any Other Team Member

For more information or how to establish the NAYS Youth Sports Coaches Certification Program in your city,

please contact the T.A.A.F. State Office.