TAAF Games of Giving 2020

Feeding Texas needs us all! The TAAF Games of Giving is extending through October 31. We still have medals to give out, and you can still earn them by donating today!!!

With an abundance of past years medals, we want to award YOU with medals for a $5 donation to the Feeding Texas Food Bank (click HERE to donate) or donating 10 nonperishable items to your local food bank or dropping them off at your participating Parks and Recreation Department, or you can donate blood (list of Texas Blood Banks), or do a good deed - good deeds include (but not limited to), volunteering your time at a food bank, meals on wheels, or any non-profit in your area, or even helping a neighbor with any household chores (mowing, cleaning, etc)

You can take 10 non-persihables to your local Parks and Recreation Department (please click HERE for participating PARD's) and they will take a photo of you and send in a form with your information for the TAAF State Office to send out your medal.

If you do not have a participating PARD near you for dropping off non-perishables and went to a local food bank, or if you have dontated $5.00 through the provided link above, or you have donated blood or completed a good deed - fill out the form below, check which Games of Giving option you completed, upload a photo to show us what you have done, and we will get your medal out to you!

Examples of non-perishables

TAAF Games of Giving 2020
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Donating 10 items, or $5 to Feeding Texas Food Bank
Donating Blood
Good Deed

We know that the medals are some that have been awarded to participants in past games, we do not want to take that presitge away from you, but we are needing to repurpose the leftovers and want to award those that participate in TAAF Games of Giving during this trying time.